Atma Security Advice

Your privacy and security carry the outmost importance for us. Atma is a platform that brings together the buyer and the seller, acting as a bridge. To create a safe experience for you in the midst of endless products, we have prepared a guideline for you.

We recommend that you meet up in a public place to buy the product. If someone is insistently rejecting your proposal to meet in a public place, or to receive the payment through bank transfer, you should be careful. Do not send money to anyone you don’t trust or know, and do not buy any product you don’t see.

Be wary of sending other users Western Union, EFT, and bank transfer. Never accept payment in the form of bank cheques.

Be careful of users that have unusual suggestions or wishes e.g. users who promise they will send a bank cheque that is above the product price (this is a common fraud technique spotted in e-commerce websites).

There are thousands of products in Atma. Some product images could have been taken from other websites. Do not make a payment before actually seeing the product, it could be a fake product.

To prevent fraud, the best way is to pay and deliver the product at the same time.

Never trust people who spam messages.

Do not accept bank cheques or transfers. These methods are prone to fraud.

Never share your personal financial information, or your credit/bank card information.

You don’t have to share your personal phone number. You can use the existing Atma chat service to communicate with sellers or buyers.

Always check the seller’s profile. It is important to see information such as the name and the surname of the seller.

Before paying for a product, make sure to inspect the product. Especially if it’s an electronic product, make sure it works.

As Atma we work hard to make our platform a safe and secure place. If there is any product you think is spam, you can click on the flag icon and send the product to us for us to review.