Atma Community Guidelines

Atma, more than being a second-hand item selling platform, it is a community. We kindly ask you to follow this guideline while using Atma.

Trust doesn’t happen in an instant, you build it!

If you offer trust to the users, there is a higher chance of you becoming a good seller. You should always put yourself in other people’s shoes and offer them a trustworthy sale experience. Nobody likes to get tricked. This would decrease your future business potential. You are responsible from each and every product you sell. Atma is not responsible for its user’s products. We only bring the seller and the buyer together. There are a lot of people who gain significant amounts of money from secondhand item selling. If you would like to be one of them, it’s best to be an honest seller!

We follow the law, you should too

You are responsible for your product. As Atma, our duty is to track and prevent any illegal behavior happening on our platform. When you accept the user agreement (terms of service?), in a way, you are stating that you will not act in illegal ways, and that you will not sell illegal products. Forbidden/Illegal acts and products are as the following:


*Any pornographic video, visual imagery, CD, etc.

*Pornographic tools, products.


*Any visual imagery that includes nude elements, pictures.


*Any inappropriate content that is against the community guidelines.


*Any, insulting, racial, sexist, and degrading visual and written communication, that is aimed to cause discomfort at another.

Accusation, Insulting

*Any written or visual communication that is discriminatory in religion, race, and language. Any communication that is insulting to the person’s freedom.


*Any communication and content that is violent or promote violence.


*The sale of drugs or any attempt at creating a platform for the trade of drug, and any person or group of people that aim to do this.

Refferal to suicide and offense against life

*Any written, visual, auditory communication that aims to affect people’s psychological health to promote and influence suicide. Any communication that is manipulating the user to commit suicide.

Guns and explosives

*Any kind of gun, explosives or fire related lethal machinery.

Gambling and betting

*Any content and element that promotes/directs the user to gambling, chance games, or betting.

Any act that is against the law, or any act that is illegal.

*Any act that is illegal and against the law is forbidden in Atma.

Animals are dear to us

We love our animal friends and we do our best to protect them. It is illegal to sell any kind of animal in Atma. We strictly forbid this. Any kind of live animal, dead animal, fossils, animals that are under the threat of extinction or their bone sor skin, taxidermy, are strictly illegal and forbidden.


Who doesn’t like a good meal? Trust us, we do. However, we have certain rules about food products as well. Any kind of food product is forbidden to sell. Thank you for your understanding.