About Atma

Welcome to ATMA!

Imagine now…

You enter your room. Everything is messy and chaotic; there are so many things you have to throw away... The clothes you have bought and stored for years, your belongings that you haven’t used for ages, clothes that don’t fit your child anymore, and even that lamp that you don’t want anymore… it’s suffocating, isn’t it? We feel it too. That's why we founded Atma! No more keeping around things you don’t need or throwing them out! Download Atma for free and sell all the items you want to throw!

In this application, there are many categories from home essentials to electronics, accessories to hobby products! You can sell the product you want in less than 10 seconds! It’s a dynamic and reliable application where you can easily earn money, evaluate second-hand items, and access the items you want at affordable prices.

One of our most useful categories is undoubtedly our Baby and Child section! How fast do children grow, right? You can’t use the onesie you bought for your baby after 3 months, or the tiny shoes your two years old used to wear. Fortunately, in this category, you can buy a wide range of different items or sell your children’s items! You can always contact the seller, in this case perhaps a parent, to get information about the items they sell!

Communication is easy with Atma! With secure messaging, you can ask the price of an item, get information about the product, and request different photos of the product with our photo sending feature. The messaging part is constantly monitored by Atma and offers a secure environment. If you are uncomfortable, you can easily block the other person, and give us feedback!

Also if you ever see an image or a product that is inappropriate, you can always report it with just a click on the flag icon, and we will take care of it! Our number one priority is to create a safe shopping platform for all of our users.

Would you like to know what actually happens when you contribute to the sale and purchase of second-hand items using Atma?

1. Congrats! You've just contributed to the wellbeing of the environment. You now help reduce carbon dioxide and prevent items from becoming waste and polluting the water and soil.

2. You contribute to your home budget. It is possible to buy a second-hand item for half the price of an original product! Smart shopping.

3. A fun way to meet new people. The opportunity to meet like-minded people who have the same hobby or lifestyle as you is a definite through second-hand sales! Say hi to your new friends!

4. You actually understand the importance of the products you need and create a purchase plan according to it.

5. You support your local and small sellers, and contribute to the economy!

Then it's time to Sell with ATMA! Download for free and start selling now!